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What is a Pay Per Head | What do they offer | How does it Work?


In the high stakes world of sports gambling, there is boatload of money to go around. Who spends this money, who collects this money and where does it all come from? Every single, red cent that is gambled on sports, comes from the gambler and there is a lot where it comes from! What an understatement, there is more than a lot, there are literally billions of dollars being spent every year on football, basketball, baseball, hockey and much more. Sports gambling is an international phenomena and somebody is getting rich. Who is getting rich, is it the bookies or the gamblers?


National Sports Service - Online Sportsbooks, Benefits, Not Bonuses make them Fantastic


Sports gamblers can make a lot of money if they play their cards right. They must handicap every game they bet on and they must hire handicappers that handicap sports for a living. This, along with discipline and a following a proper budget-- this goes a long way towards the success of any sports gambler.


Bookies on the other hand, they depend on gamblers to lose and they depend on the juice to help them turn a profit. Bookies are busy people during the football season and their bread and butter is the NFL and college football.


Bookies have an overwhelming task to keep up with and it starts with their clients demands. Gamblers know where the competition is, they may be loyal to some extent, to their bookie back on the block or in the friendly “watering hole”, but loyalty only goes so far. Gamblers want options and they want paid. They want all of the options they can so easily find with the click of a mouse.


Real Bookies Pay Per Head Bookie Software that Eliminates Downtime


Bookies must meet the demands and fulfill the desire of their gambling clients or risk losing money. This is where a Pay Per Head comes into the picture.


Pay Per Head companies are offered by a Pay Per Head Provider. They can be found on the internet when conducting a simple Google search.


What they offer bookies is this— a full-on casino with all of the great Vegas table games, live tables, Vegas style machines and all of the gaming options that any brick and mortar would offer. They offer a full racebook for those clients that prefer to bet the horses over sports. The racebook includes over 70 tracks and they pay full track odds. The sports bookie is the biggie here. A Pay Per Head offers a full line sportsbook with all of the sports wagering options that are available on any sportsbook website that you can think of to dial up.


If you are a bookie and looking to change your life and start enjoying what you do, then stop the madness and find a great Pay Per Head provider. You can get started today with a top notch provider for around $10 per head, per week. You will only pay for the players that play and you will only be charged the one-time fee of $10 per player, per week. This is a turnkey service that provides you with a ready made website that your clients can bet from at any time, 24 hours a day.


They do all the heavy lifting such as paperwork, grading bet slips and setting the lines and odds, (which you have full control to change at any time). You are the bookie and now you can have great pay per head bookie software to help you make a boatload of money.


National Sports Service - Football Picks, Sports Forums, Free Picks, Service Plays, Consensus Sites


A player must hit 52-54% of all their bets just to beat the juice, that’s a big number. The house has an advantage so now is the time to start making real money and leave the hassle to a professional. Don’t even think of going the rest of this season alone.


Call a great Pay Per Head sportsbook Provider today and find out exactly how you can get started for free. The better PPH providers on the web will offer you a free trial. Stop killing yourself and start enjoying your profits.

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