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NFL: Betting the Money Line - Great Betting Opportunities


The first 12 weeks of the 2018-19 NFL season have been spectacular. Just when we all thought the NFL might be taking a step back in popularity and even a step down in the level of competition; wow, we couldn’t have been more wrong!


Insider Sports Report - What’s Better, Live Betting or In Game Betting


The sport has never been more fun to bet on than now and if you like making money, then you must find a great NFL player bonus and even a fun contest or two. There is still time to get this done. The online bookies need your business now more than ever. With the recent surge in brick and mortar sportsbooks around the United States, the offshore guys have beefed up the incentives, and they are worth every penny.


We say “worth every penny” very tongue-in-cheek, most of the great contests are free or require a minimal deposit and the bonuses are always free and certainly worth the nominal rollover that is required. A bonus is a loan that the offshore sportsbooks give players based on a deposit amount or a reload amount. They can be anywhere from a 10%-100% match. The beauty of this loan; you the borrower, do not have to pay this loan back if you lose the money. The only time the bookies will ask you to pay it back is if you win money and actually beat the house with their principle. How great is that? All that is required is a simple rollover amount in action. You don’t even have to repay in cash.


Real Bookies - Pay Per Head Business Support for Private Bookmakers


There are many betting options in the NFL, the spread being the most popular way of course and the totals would be the second most popular bet. In reality, the spread and totals are some of the most difficult bets to consistently call from week to week. The NFL is nothing like college football, where the predictability rate is well over 60%. It was really easy last week to say that Alabama was going to crush Mercer or that Florida was going to crush Florida State but how about the Bills beating the Jaguars, or the Browns beating the Bengals, the Seahawks beating the Panthers, and the Steelers losing to the Broncos?


We won’t lie to you, betting the spread in the NFL can be a tough gig. It certainly is fun, we love it and were going to keep betting from week to week because the NFL is the greatest sport to bet on, period! Everybody wants to win, and if you are not winning on a consistent basis, then you are probably miserable. Get out of the old and jump into the new--- Money Lines! You must start checking this out. Look, money line betting has been around for a very long time and it’s the oldest way of betting on football but it’s the least used way and that’s a mystery.


Online Sportsbook Betting With or Against the Public Consensus


Betting the money line in football is calling a game straight up to win with no point spread, no points to cover, no hassle, no fuss. If your team wins, then you are the winner. How frustrating would it have been to bet on the Eagles this past week? They were 6.5 point favorites over the Giants and they won the game but didn’t cover with a 25-22 win. If you are an Eagles fan your thrilled, if you had money on the game, your bummed. Had you bet the money line, you would have won! It’s that simple. Start betting the money line and start seeing the rewards.



But the Juice is too High…

There has never been more nonsense spoken! A win is a win, is a win, is a win! Don’t ever forget this. It matters not how high the juice might be, if you lay the juice and win, what would you have rather done, take the juice and lose? It makes no rational sense. Of course you want the best juice and you should be shopping around for the best online bookie in the business so that you can get the best lines from week to week but don’t let this deter you from betting the money line. What would you rather do, bet the Eagles at -6.5 and -1.10, and lose or bet the money line and win? The answer is obvious.


Americas Bookie - Offering “How to Bet”, Sports Blogs


If you want to beef this up and lower the money line juice, there is certainly a way to do so; money line parlays. Pick your best 3 out of 15 games this week, lay the dollar amount that you feel comfortable with on the parlay… escalate it down, the next three-comfortable amount, the next three, do this 5 times, never playing the same team. Your going to be a winner.


Have fun and start winning again. Find the right online sportsbook and get on top of this betting season. Fatten up you wallet for the playoff season that is just around the corner. Call the sportsbook, ask for that bonus, ask what contests they have going and get back to enjoying betting on football.

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