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March Madness Betting Bracketology

A look at March Madness betting bracketology.

Key Points

Ė Reading articles about March Madness bracketology can help bettors during the NCAA tournament.

Ė Too often, bettors overlook certain teams when it comes to March Madness betting.

March Madness Betting Bracketology

As the end of February hits each year, it seems like there is an increasing number of March Madness bracketology articles. All the so-called experts attempt to predict how the NCAA tournament bracket will look once itís released on Selection Sunday.

They discuss everything from at-large teams that will make the tourney, those that wonít, and how each team might be seeded. Earlier and earlier each season, fans and bettors are presented these types of articles on the NCAA tournament bracket.

These March Madness betting tips can help bettors in some ways even though the articles are purely based on speculation. Bettors should know what information is helpful and what is not. Here are five things bettors can look for when analyzing March Madness betting bracketology.

Identify Contenders

Bracketology articles can help bettors identify teams that they might otherwise disregard. When you read about teams from mid-major conferences that are having great seasons, you can read more about them as the season progresses. Eventually, you will be better prepared to make a decision on that team when the tournament rolls around.

It might also be a team from a Power conference. Articles about the brackets at midseason begin to talk about teams in the Big Ten or Big 12. Everyone knows the best team or teams in the conference, but what about the teams in the middle of the pack? Maybe they get a key player back late in the season.

One of your key players as a sports bettor is a dynamic sportsbook with quick payouts, great bonuses, and sharp lines and odds.

Without articles about brackets during the season, the average bettor could easily overlook teams like this. While tons of college basketball content is useless, there are some that are worthy. At the very least, a bettor can go more in-depth on a team prior to making March Madness betting decisions.


March Madness Betting - Overvalued Teams

Just like learning about teams you should be paying attention to, some of the bracket information you read can clue you in as to teams that you may be overvaluing.

This is often a problem associated with casual, more inexperienced bettors. However, even the smartest of bettors can sometimes fall for the hype. Public bettors love favorites and in college basketball, blueblood programs like Duke, North Carolina, and Kentucky are often favored just because of their names.

Bettors will often overvalue a team because of the teamís reputation, their roster, the schedule they have played, and even their coach. There are times when you might view a team as a No. 2 seed. When the brackets are released, the team is given a No. 4 seed.

That is a sign that you should probably revisit your thoughts on that team. Itís likely that you are putting too much value on a variety of factors. You might even want to revisit how to bet college basketball.

Confirm the Public Hype

Each year, there are college basketball teams that receive a lot of media attention. Consider the preceding yearís national champion. Typically, the previous champ is among the favorites to win the next title. Often, a previous winner is the overall favorite to win the next NCAA title.

Instead of going on just hype and media attention, bettors need to confirm that the hype is real before they fill out their March Madness brackets. Sometimes, teams receive a lot of attention just because they have a certain star player. There are many instances where teams with a single star player do not do well late in the season.

The bottom line is to simply verify whether a team is really as good as anticipated. Basketball bettors can gain a wealth of knowledge by reading March Madness bracketology articles.

March Madness Betting - Teams on the Rise

Itís extremely difficult for teams to go through an entire college basketball season unbeaten. Teams win and lose each and every week. Some teams, of course, win a lot more often than they lose.

One of the things that helps with March Madness betting is identifying teams on the rise. This is something you can learn by reading about how brackets are shaping up. This can help you make money on March Madness.

What happens a lot is that the general public doesnít stay in touch with a team that is on the rise. They follow the popular teams and miss out on a team that might have started the season slowly, but by tournament time is a real contender. That can help you find value when the public has overlooked it.

How Mid-Majors Stack Up

Sports bettors may find it challenging to gauge how the mid-major conferences compare to their power conference counterparts. Part of the difficulty is just the sheer number of those conferences.

Itís rare to see many mid-major teams on TV and with the vast difference in talent levels, it can be hard to gauge how good some of those teams are. Reading about these mid-majors in March Madness betting bracketology articles, can give a bettor more insight when making final wagering decisions.

One thing that can help bettors in gaining more information about these mid-major teams is an all-inclusive gaming website. It will include stats, odd, lines and much more.

Bettors can also get a better idea of how the stronger mid-major conferences compare. There are seasons when teams from the Missouri Valley Conference, for example, stack up very well against some of the better teams in the country.

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